YMCA - Umana Summer Learning Academy

The Summer Learning Academy at the Umana Academy is a 5-week program that blends morning academics in ELA and Math with afternoon enrichment activities. Academics take place each morning led by certified MA educators and paraprofessionals. Afternoons include hands-on learning experiences that include topics in social studies, the arts, STEM, community learning and physical activity. Breakfast, lunch and snack are provided daily. The Umana Summer Learning Academy celebrates the diversity of language, with 3-4 classrooms that deliver ELA instruction in Spanish each week. For students enrolling in the program that have only been exposed to the English Language, we ensure there is at least one classroom where both ELA and Math are led in English. Program Goals & Outcomes: Maintaining & Increasing academic levels in the areas of ELA & Math; Providing opportunities for social, emotional and cognitive development; Hands on learning and skill building activities; Community engagement & awareness

Grades Served: 2021-2022 School Year Grades K1-5; 2022-2023 School Year Grades K2-6

Website: https://ymcaboston.org/

Program Contact: Marisol Berlin-Santana

Contact Email: mberlinsantana@bostonpublicschools.org

This program is part of a Summer 2022 Vision Site. It will offer:
1. Meals prepared onsite
2. Transportation will be offered to transportation-eligible students from a limited number of designated neighborhood "hub" stops. Some travel may be required. Buses will leave and return to "hub" stops only at their assigned times. Students who RSVP by the deadline will receive "hub" stop assignments by the end of June.
3. Extended Day: Transportation will not be offered for students who enroll in extended day programming. Parents/Guardians/Daycare providers are responsible for student pick up at the end of the extended day.

Hub Stops for all Summer Programs taking place at the Umana School will be as follows:

Bus 1 - Sullivan Station, Haymarket Station, Maverick Station
Bus 2 - Suffolks Downs Station, Orient Heights Station, East Boston Branch Public Library (Bennington St @ Prescott St)