Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center - Summer Learning Project

Our program consists of academic ELA and Math instruction during the morning part of the day. We start with breakfast in the multi-purpose room, having social time before academic instruction. At 9am we have 2 teachers in each classroom to instruct ELA and Math. During those 4 hours of instruction, we will have breaks for snacks. Around noon we will have lunch and some time to unwind outside. Then we move on to our enrichment part of the program where the SLP participants get to choose from different activities (recreation, Arts & Crafts, Computer Lab, etc). After an hour of enrichment activities, we will transition to our large group activity. We utilize our surroundings as much as we can, working with other nonprofits that offer free programs and outings in the Boston area.

Grades Served: 2021-2022 School Year Grades 3-4; 2022-2023 School Year Grades 4-5


Program Contact: Jose Sotz, 617-850-9157

Contact Email: