Jeremiah E. Burke High School - Middle School Academic

& Mentoring

For four weeks during the summer our program will engage sixty under-credited students in a multidisciplinary setting that will encompass academic course work, mentoring as well as job/career training. The program is designed to attract our students that have in most case repeated grades and are looking for alternative ways to stay engaged in school. In addition we will will actively seek to enroll ELL students that in many cases struggle to complete graduation requirements around course work as well as attaining MCAS benchmarks. Learning will not be limited to direct instruction, but includes opportunity for blended learning and using online learning platforms. We will use the district curriculum to offer ELA, Math, Science and History classes in traditional classrooms and using Edmentum. The other component of the program will focus on providing mentoring services and supports to all participants in a effort to service the whole-child.

Grades Served: 2021-2022 School Year Grades 6-8; 2022-2023 School Year Grades 7-9

Program Contact: Filomena Cabral

Contact Email: