Achieve - Summer Learning Academy

Starting the summer after 6th grade and graduating from the program the summer before 9th grade, Achieve involves a three-year commitment in which each participant will experience a total of three six-week summer sessions and two academic year programs. Achieve is free for all students, including transportation to and from the Noble and Greenough campus, as well as breakfast, lunch and snacks during both the summer and academic year sessions. During the 6 week summer program sessions, students take classes in math, English (with a focus on writing and literacy), and science (with an emphasis on lab techniques). They also have their choice of meaningful enrichment classes and daily community building. Students are prepared to succeed and find joy during the summer session through small classes, targeted instruction/individualized intervention, mentoring, community, extracurricular activities, field trips and a robust speaker series. Community building is core to our program.

Grades Served: 2021-2022 School Year Grades 6-8; 2022-2023 School Year Grades 7-9


Program Contact: Reginald Toussaint

Contact Email: